High Rise Scaffolding
High Rise Scaffolding
As we own all our equipment and employ our own workforce, our pricing is very competitive indeed for the Sydney market. We are keen to earn your business so we will respond promptly to your enquiry and provide timely turnaround on our quotation. When you work with Opal Scaffolding, your budget and deadlines become our priority. We are accustomed to dealing with high-value projects and understand the influences that can affect the bottom line. We work quickly, efficiently and above all, safely to ensure that your high rise scaffolding is ready to perform beyond expectation and without incidents that can negatively impact financial and time considerations.
Safety Above All Else
The higher your building grows, the more important safety issues become. We are aware of our responsibilities in keeping your building and people safe, as well as our own workforce. Opal Scaffolding only works with top quality scaffolding equipment that can be relied upon to go the distance at any height. The managers, site supervisors and installation team all take safety incredibly seriously. After all, the whole point of scaffolding is to provide a safe and hazard-free platform upon which trades can move about and transport equipment and materials. We don’t take chances with anything. Our Scaffolding services deal with apartments, industrials, commercials & houses but we always make sure it is safety scaffolding.
We Work With You, Step by Step
At every stage of construction, we will be there to install your high rise scaffolding. Our initial proposal will set out our anticipated stages and we will of course work to your schedule, ensuring there are no unforeseen delays in delivery and installation.
High Rise Scaffolding for any Size Project
High rise doesn’t necessarily mean massive such as a multi-story building with an enormous footprint. When you need to work at a height, our scaffolding solutions can be scaled to suit. Your task could be to renovate a clock tower or bell tower, refinish a tall statue or paint an airport control tower. Or you may require scaffolding for a multi-story section of a one-story shopping centre. Whatever your requirements, we can help.